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Most girls basketball players aspire to play for well known Division 1 womens college basketball programs like Tennessee, Connecticut, Rutgers, or North Carolina. But what if for some reason you are not able to start out at those schools. Is there an option for you? Yes there is.

Now what exactly is a junior college or community college?

According to, in the United States, a junior college (informally, a juco) is a two-year post-secondary school whose main purpose is to provide academic, vocational and professional education. The highest basketball legends certificate offered by such schools is usually an associate’s degree, although many junior college students continue their education at a university or college, transferring some or all of the credit earned at the junior college toward the degree requirements of the four-year school.

Here are some benefits of attending a juco:


To be eligible to play at a Division 1 or 2 program requires a player to have a certain grade point average and standardized test score. Sometimes it is not that easy for players to meet that requirement. At a junior college, players have an opportunity to get their academic standings in order to be eligible for women’s college basketball at a four- year institution.

Skill level

To play at a division 1 or 2 school, players must be highly skilled. Attending a junior college, give a playing the opportunity to improve their basketball skills.

Not Enough Exposure

A player may have division 1 or 2 level talent but no one knows about the player. The only option may be to join the local juco to further their basketball career and gain exposure.

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