How to transform the idea of education.

The avenues of access to digital resources is in the process of transforming the learning environment with a lot of scope still in the market. Most of the digital content solution providers at present are only following the herd instead of trying out anything innovative which is always a risky thing from the organisation’s perspective. Incorporating animations to the online lessons to help the offline books is what most digital content solution providers follow at present, which is a tried and tested method of teaching.


Although most digital content solution providers agree that learning has now gone beyond the classroom but K12 content development needs to go beyond the textbooks. The sooner the better applies to it. Some K12 content development organisations have recently started partnering with educational institutes to create age appropriate lessons that also cater to the varied styles of learning of the students.


The problem with content at present especially for the K12 market is that the engagement options have multiplied over the years with the possibility of intuitive learning across different devices no longer a dream. The present day students are digital natives who are much well versed that the teachers in the digital world and many resources at their beck and call. Molding their choices to the correct material that helps them learn easily is much required.


The K12 content development work however with most of the organisations is more focused on creating a personalised and collaborative space with basic technology when there is a lot more that technology can now offer towards real education. For students to be immersed in education, a progressive digital content solution provider needs now to focus on aligning instructions as per the standard.


Such standards are not only required for better accountability from the point of view of students and teachers but provide a good idea of what happens in the classroom as well. This alignment shall provide a higher level of learning while keeping the students on track instead of being only lost with the gimmicks of technology. Standards based instruction shall also help streamline the instruction and force teachers to deliberately focus on the learning targets while keeping the students on track with the aim of real education.


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