How to Copy a Computer Game

To copy a computer game, you need to get your PC to copy the game disc perfectly, duplicating all the content it has. The aim is to make a duplicate of the disc, so your computer will not be able to tell if it’s an original or copy, and there’s a special way to do that.

What You Need

To copy PC games, you will need the following:

  • CloneCD software (to copy the games)
  • a DVD burner
  • a blank CD / DVD
  • the original game disc

You can get CloneCD from Google and is free to download & try. You should have the rest on your computer or in your possession.  If you don’t – they are available from your nearest computer store.

How To Copy A PC Game

To copy a computer game, you first need to download & install CloneCD. This will take a few minutes and is very straightforward. Microsoft’s Project Scarlett Server Blade May Eventually Power Project xCloud After it’s installed, load it up and then click on the button with two discs. This is the “copy from disc to disc” button and will allow you to copy from one disc directly onto another.

After clicking that button, you’ll be presented with a screen which explains what you need to do. Essentially, you just need to put the original disc into the DVD drive that you have. The program will then read the disc, save its contents to a file and eject it. At that time, you should put the blank disc into the DVD drive and the software will burn the contents it saved from one disc into the blank one.

This will allow you to make a copy of the game without much hassle, but in order for it to be a success, make sure you select the “write speed” as 4X. This will make the DVD burner able to copy the game in a more precise and measured way, ensuring the copy is as perfect as possible.

Although this might seem easy, you might find that many games have a lot of copyright protection on them, meaning that when they are read, CloneCD might not be able to process them properly and end up not being able to copy them. To get round this, for the more advanced games, you might want to use a more robust and steadfast system or tool.

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