How Accurate is a Body Fat Calculator?

The other day we were shopping at the local department store when we happened by the bathroom scales. Many now include a body fat calculator built right into the unit. According to the device, you can quickly find your body fat percentage. But the question is, how accurate is this body fat calculator?

Fat burning is one of the quickest ways to lower your total body weight. We all know that the body requires a certain amount of fat, but there is a point where the excess actually makes you less healthy. That tipping point is the number that you need to concentrate on. If you are over that number and want to dramatically improve your health, lowering your body fat is what you should be concentrating on.

In most tests we saw, the bathroom scales with the built-in Age calculator body fat calculator were actually a little high. When compared to the tape-measure method of calculating body fat, or the caliper method, the electronic scale, which works by determining the resistance of a small electrical current through your body, was always higher. This is probably because other parameters have to be figured in, like time of day, percentage of water intake, body temperature, all which affect the current flow in the body.

Caliper and tape measure calculations are probably hand in hand as far as accuracy. The benefit of the tape measure is that you can easily do this in your home at little cost. And most people interested in these measurements are looking to lose weight. In fact, the best how to quickly lose body fat websites [] mentions three programs that detail how to not stress out over body fat calculators. So much has been programmed into us about lowering fat intake and yet the population in general is still gaining weight each year.

One of the best parts about the new programs that tackle the age old problem of unhealthy body fat is that they are modern enough to incorporate our tech-age lifestyles. Things are different from when our parents struggled with weight and it is nice to see someone take this into consideration and not simply rehash the same old information about counting calories or eating low fat diets.

When assimilated into our current way of life; little time, stress, tech gadgets, these plans are not only fun to follow, but have a much faster response time than dieting plans of even 10 years ago.

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